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Hi, I'm Cassian Eaves. This is my personal blog. Sometimes I write up my thoughts on an anime I just watched or something concerning it. Those are listed in the Writing Index. I do check out the blogs of people I follow, and I will follow if I see we have similar interests. For a brief introduction, my fandom list, anime schedule, and links to my other profiles see the About Me link.. Icon by Corusce. stars
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雀さんも雨の桜見物ですか…。 #雀 #スズメ #鳥 #動物 #自然 #写真 #東京 #雨 #桜


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Happy Birthday, Doumeki Shizuka. [03.03.]

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His name is king

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[ARSENAL] Sound Attack Chord Severe Thunder.

Japanese: 音撃弦 烈雷
Romaji: Ongekigen Retsurai

User: Kamen Rider Todoroki
Weapon type: Instrument, multipurpose weapon
Other Forms/Modes: Sound Attack Mode, Weapon Mode

From: Kamen Rider Hibiki - Episode 19


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Inmate Number 1 Pickles AKA Pickle Cat

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