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Hi, I'm Cassian Eaves. This is my personal blog. Sometimes I write up my thoughts on an anime I just watched or something concerning it. Those are listed in the Writing Index. I do check out the blogs of people I follow, and I will follow if I see we have similar interests. For a brief introduction, my fandom list, anime schedule, and links to my other profiles see the About Me link.. Icon by Corusce. stars
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少女の恋 2014.02

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working pretty much backwards on this. colored up the otts thinking it’d be more of a single color bg then i was like NAH lets make this way more complicated than necessary for an ott date

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i saw an adorable post about mermaids holding hands when they sleep like otters ;-;

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Aqua Vitae

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The edges are frayed just a bit.

india ink + Travelogue sketchbook

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I painted more cute squids, because why not?! The individual squid paintings are ACEOs (2.5”x3.5”) and the group painting measures 3.5”x5.25”.

Mini print set coming soon!! :D

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