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I liked the show and I always liked this shot. It was fun to interpret it!!

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[Image - Utena in bed talking to Anthy who is offscreen.]

[Texts - (412): Bed, food, and you got really nice boobs. That’s it really. Foundations of friendship right there.]

  • himemiya anthy: i finally found him, utena. you were my true prince.
  • himemiya anthy: you're now the prince of the academy. any miracle and all eternity are yours-
  • tenjou utena: turn me into a car
  • himemiya anthy:
  • tenjou utena: can you turn me into a car
  • tenjou utena: i need this

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utena meme - two of six side characters: the shadow play girls

"by the way, did you know only one girl can be chosen at the audition?
do you know, do you know? do you know who it’ll be?”

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Don’t you know, Anthy? The only time I’ve ever been happy was when you were by my side. 

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I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days help me

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